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Bizzare Businesses: Some Bizzare Businesses that You can Try Yourself!

Many business ideas out there come out bizarre or weird but are pretty successful. They show that you can make something work with just a little imagination and hard work. Here are some bizarre business ideas that seem weird at first but work out in the end.

Cleaning Services

This isn’t the most bizarre business on this list, but its history has so much to tell us about how a business works. Many years ago, this particular service was primarily done by slaves or people from the lower caste. Many who did this kind of were not paid, and many who did it were shunned in society. It was only in the 1900s when cleaning became a distinguished profession. Today, it’s a well-known industry, earning billions of dollars per year.

This story of struggle and change of this industry makes it so exciting and bizarre, and many of the businesses on this list have the same bizarre story as to how and why they have started. If you think that getting into this industry is not profitable, think again. Aside from being a billion-dollar industry, cleaning and sanitation services are required in almost every setting due to the pandemic. It’s growing rapidly, and it is projected to join with healthcare services at some point.

So now you might ask how you are going to get started in this industry? Well, there’s a lot of ways to enter the cleaning industry. One of which is by getting a commercial cleaning franchise business. It’s considered to be the cheapest way to enter the industry with minimal risk. You also don’t need prior experience if you get into a franchise.

You have to manage your business. Another way to get into the industry is by being a sole proprietor. It can be quite expensive to start your own cleaning business, but it can be worth it considering the good state of the market right now. The most bizarre way to get into this business is by helping those who had a party the night before.

Hangover helpers are built from a growing need globally, which is to clean up a party. This cleaning service targets those who were hangover the night before and don’t have the time to clean up the day after. They come to your home, give you a decent hangover meal, and then clean your home for you.


chicken concept

The agricultural and food industry is one of the largest industries in the US. It’s valued at about one trillion dollars and is expected to grow by a decent percentage in the next few years. It also singularly owns 5.2% of the US gross domestic product. A percentage only claimed by the most prominent industries in the country. There is always room for innovation in such a big industry—one of the newly crafted business models: rent-a-chicken. One of the most bizarre business ideas out there, and certainly more bizarre in form when compared to cleaning services, rent-a-chicken gives many Americans a chance to be farmers but without the risk.

So what is the point of renting a chicken? Well, there is a real market for this. Believe it or not, some people use these chickens for entertainment. They can be great mascots for children’s parties, especially their little chicks. Another purpose of this business is also giving Americans the chance to be farmers but without the commitment. It’s some trial period for those new to the industry to see whether they are fit for the industry or not.

Renting a chicken is certainly bizarre, but you can get a decent amount of profit from it or even save money by getting your own eggs instead of buying them. Who knows? You might discover that you’re a good farmer.

The Pet Loo

Everyone has a significant problem when it comes to their pets, and that is when they are new and untrained, they relieve themselves anywhere in your home. This can be a severe problem for pet owners, especially when they don’t have the time to take their pets out. PetSafe created this particular item that can certainly help you out. This product is known as the Pet Loo.

The Pet Loo is a patch of artificial grass resembling that of a person’s backyard. It creates a safe place for your pets to relieve themselves when it’s impossible to do so outside. It’s quite a bizarre idea if you think about it first-hand, but once you’ve tried it out, it makes sense. The Pet Loo, much like everything else on this list, is a bizarre idea that works.

Here are three of the most bizarre business ideas that have grown away from obscurity and into the spotlight. These business ideas are great if you also want to start your own business simply because their respective industries have so much growth. So give them a try yourself!

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