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Sliding Doors vs. French Doors: Which Is More Optimal for Your Patio?

Your patio layout is almost complete! All there’s left to do is choose what type of door it should have. The door leading to your patio from the inside of your house could be the cherry on top that you need. Like custom glass shower doors, patio doors can be more stylish and functional. Two beautiful and viable options to choose from are sliding doors or french doors.

A patio is a special place in a home, so it should get regularly a special entrance. But before choosing which type of door you should go for, here are some things to consider.

What Makes a Good Door?

Strip a door for its aesthetic purposes, and we find that its main job is to provide both security and convenient entry from one room to another. But to be able to fulfill these functions, it should be easy to operate in both casual days and emergencies. However, realistically, there are more factors to consider than the bare minimum. Patio doors should also match the style of your home and the patio itself.

Generally, both sliding doors and french doors are easy to operate. But they are both installed and maintained differently. Each door also has its share of pros and cons. Ultimately, the choice is yours to make but knowing how both types of doors can serve you helps you decide which is most ideal for you.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are more efficient than people might think.  They require little to no room to operate and can make an illusion of more space, which makes them ideal for smaller homes. Sliding doors can double as sliding doors too since they are also a great way to get extra natural light in. To add, having tracks could be more of a safer option especially in windy areas.

A downside to this is that the tracks will need to be vacuumed regularly as dust and debris can easily collect in this space. If left alone for a long time, abrasive parts may cause damage to the tracks. Another con to it is that since it doubles as a huge window, it may make your home a little more transparent to outsiders. But this is easily solved by installing blinds.

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French Doors

French doors are an iconic and classic choice. They provide a wider space for entry, making furniture easy to move in and out of the patio. It’s good for ventilation and letting in natural light too. For maintenance, the hinges will need lubricating from time to time so the doors can open and close smoothly and easily.

For safety purposes, go for french doors that open inward if you live in a windy area. If it were outward, it can drag you and cause damage to the door. On the other hand, it may be hard to operate if it were inward too, as the wind may make it difficult to open. If you reside in a windy area, be mindful of its installation in this regard.

Which Is the Right One for My Home?

It’s important to assess your needs, wants, and overall home life. Here are some questions that help you decide which type of door you want for your patio.

Do You Have a Big Space or Small Space?

As mentioned, sliding doors are friendlier to small spaces. They don’t take space when they’re opened, and they give off the illusion that a space is bigger than it is. It isn’t just convenient to use, it’s a space-saving hack too!

Do You Live a Senior?

Do you have an elder living with you? If you do, both door styles offer ample light for most of the day, which makes visibility covered. However, the tracks of sliding doors can be potential fall hazards. It’s safer for a senior to be walking on wobbly-free and even steps as much as possible. It’s important to note that when living with a senior, it’s best to consult a professional about the best fall-proof measures to put in place.

Which One Is a More Secure Choice For You?

Others prefer a sliding door as long as the patio has an enclosure. If the patio doesn’t have an enclosure, then french doors it is. If you follow this line of thinking, then it’s worth considering. Which of the two doors do you feel more comfortable and secure to have?

Which Type of Maintenance Routine Do do You Prefer?

Are you willing to deal with rusting metals or stiff, noisy hinges? Although either door doesn’t have to get to this condition before they get the maintenance they require, it matters what type of maintenance regimen you don’t mind doing regularly. Maybe you prefer putting rust-proof paint on sliding doors once than having to lubricate the hinges of french doors regularly. Whichever works best for you, go for that.

Which do you see best serving your space? Which door would mean that maintaining it will be less of a fuss for you? Whichever you choose, always look at it through the long-term lens.

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