The Advantages of Having a Corporate Shuttle Service

Most companies don’t often worry about how employees get to the office. While there are employers who would reimburse expenses on gas or taking the public transportation system, it’s not a requirement. Most employees usually have to find their own means of transportation.

But there are benefits to providing transportation for employees care of their employers. It can save time, money, and improve staff morale. It can also reduce employee turnovers.

If you’re still unconvinced, here are the advantages of having a company shuttle bus.


One Less Source of Stress

Employees can show up to work without worrying about who’s going to give them a ride or how they will get to the office on time. Employees can put their minds at ease knowing that the employer is responsible for transportation.

This allows them to be more at ease, especially before going to the office. They instead use their mental energy into doing their work instead of stressing over something so simple and part of their day-to-day. They come to the office prepared for the work ahead, not already stressed because of the commute.

Happier Employees

Companies who provide shuttles as part of their benefits package also do better in hiring compared to others. Generally speaking, employees are more likely to stay with an employer who has their best interests in mind. This also encourages loyalty among staff members; they know that the company wants them to be happy and works towards making it happen.

More Productive Use of Time

Another added benefit is that employees don’t have to get stuck in traffic and be late for work. Traffic congestion is a problem that plagues most cities, and adding more cars to the road causes additional traffic. Company-provided shuttle services reduces the number of vehicles on the road, which means that employees can still get to work on time.

Transport Between Sites

It’s also convenient when employees have to travel from the office to a site that’s farther away.

For example, if a company has a manufacturing plant and an office in the city, it would be convenient to provide transportation between these two sites. Employees can go straight from one site to another without having to worry about getting stuck in traffic or how they are going to get back. Employees can also use the shuttle service when they have to go to conferences, meetings with client, and other work-related activities that happen outside the office.

Better for the Environment

Keeping employees in the same vehicle instead of driving their own individual cars helps reduce traffic congestion and pollution. Driving there, or even taking cabs to the office contributes to traffic jams, poor air quality, and longer commute times.

Employees can take the shuttle buses instead of driving themselves. This means fewer cars on the streets, cleaner air because of lower emissions. It helps companies who are trying to be more environmentally-friendly. They reduce their collective carbon footprint and make a positive impact to the planet while still providing benefits for their employees, too.

For Fun

Lastly, a business can also use it as an opportunity to reward employees or even venture in team building activities with the shuttle service. Imagine a motorcoach RV transporting employees to a camping site or even a local amusement park. They can rest, have food prepared, sing songs, and even play games while still on the road.

It’s an opportunity for employees to relax in a different environment while still doing something worthwhile, like catching up with others or getting closer with the people they work with. This also helps bond employees from different departments together, especially if they’re in a work environment that is competitive. Employees will appreciate being rewarded for their hard work, and having fun while doing it.

It’s better than asking everyone to drive to the location which might not be convenient for some and takes away opportunities for friendly interactions.

Having a corporate shuttle service can be advantageous for many reasons, such as reducing traffic congestion and pollution while improving employee morale, reduced parking costs and more productive use of time. Companies who provide shuttles will also do better in hiring because people are less likely to leave an employer and it encourages loyalty among staff members. It’s also beneficial for companies trying to be environmentally friendly and provide employees with transportation between sites. Lastly, businesses may reward employees or even venture into team building activities through the shuttle service which helps bond co-workers together in intense work environments.

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