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Entering the Car Dealership Business: Essential Considerations

Running any business in the automotive industry provides you a huge advantage, especially if you run your business involves selling cars. Statistics revealed over 21 million vehicles (passenger cars and other light vehicles) sold in 2019. Another study showed that more than 1 million new cars were sold in January 2020 alone. These figures only reveal that selling cars is an excellent business. However, like any other business, you still need to research the basics of running this type of venture.

Types of Car Dealership Business to Consider

  • New car dealership—People often look for new cars to purchase. Thus, running a new car dealership is an excellent option. This business requires huge funds because you usually need to purchase the franchise of a popular brand. You can also focus on selling specific types of vehicles, such as luxury cars or electric vehicles.
  • Used car dealership—As the name denotes, a used car dealership is a business that sells used cars. This venture is ideal for people who want to enter a car dealership but don’t have a huge budget to finance their business.
  • Brand-specific dealership—This business is for those who want to sell cars from a specific brand. They are usually direct partners of brand manufacturers. The advantage of this type of business is that you no longer have to convince people that your products are legitimate. As long as they believe in the car brand that you are selling, they will likely purchase from you as well.

Addressing Common Challenges of Car Dealership

Before you start creating marketing plans or brand launching activities for your car dealership venture, you need to get an idea of the common challenges of this business. Here are some of the most common issues that you need to address in a car dealership:

  • Managing finances—One of the biggest concerns of those interested in running a car dealership business is the lack of funds to finance the venture. Selling cars definitely provides huge profits. However, it also often requires a large budget to fund its capital alone. Thus, you need to find ways to collect enough funds before starting your business. Aside from the capital, you will need an operating and maintenance budget. You can also secure business loans so you can get enough funding for your business.

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  • Competing with other brands—Some people can’t trust new brands, especially car dealers. They would rather buy cars from companies who have already proven their reliability in the market. This is why you need to find effective strategies to build your brand. Increase brand awareness and visibility by upholding an excellent business reputation. Ensure that you also implement effective marketing strategies so people will learn more about your brand.
  • Taking their business online—Most businesses are going digital. They allow customers to order products or book services online. They also accept online purchases. If you want to keep up with this trend, you need to find a way to attract clients online. It’s definitely challenging to sell cars online, but you can always market your products using platforms such as social media, blogs, or websites. The key is to post your promotions on the right pages. Consider creating enticing marketing statements as well. This way, people will be encouraged to check out your products.

Essential Reminders Before Starting Your Business

Ensure that you acquire all the necessary licenses and other legal requirements before opening your business. This way, you don’t need to worry about receiving complaints about noncompliance with the law. Also, you have to find business partners such as auto repair shops so that you can address concerns about car damages. For instance, if your customers need Tesla collision repair, you can easily recommend them to a trusted service provider. Another important reminder is that you need to ensure that you always revisit your existing plans and strategies. This way, you can find out if you already need to improve some of your tactics or if you need to prepare for drastic industry changes and consumer demands.

A car dealership is a perfect business venture for those enthusiastic about the latest car trends or historical information about old vehicles. This business idea is also ideal for those who are fans of specific car brands. It’s also recommended for those who know how to close deals and feel comfortable meeting people daily. If you believe you are passionate about vehicles, you can definitely run a successful car dealership company. However, you first need to know a few things about the industry. Consider the tips mentioned above so you can ensure success in your car dealership business.


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