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Gen Z Consumers: A Guide to Winning Them Over with Marketing

Although many businesses currently focus on millennials, the next generation is receiving considerable attention as well. This demographic group is known as Generation Z or Gen Z. How can you modify your marketing efforts to connect with this young generation? Here’s what you need to know:

Why Gen Z Matters for Your Business

Gen Z includes people born between 1997 and the early 2010s. The oldest members of this generation are in the early stages of their careers, while the youngest ones are in grade school.

As of 2017, Gen Z makes up 90.55 million of the U.S. population. That number is expected to grow and account for a large portion of the consumer market in the future. What’s more, Gen Z has a spending power of $143 billion.

Courting Gen Z

Whether you run a retail business or a digital public relations agency, finding the right way to connect with Gen Z helps you capture a large share of the market. Here are specific approaches that you can take to appeal your brand to this generation:

1. Find your business’ purpose

Gen Z wants to be socially and environmentally responsible. They want the brands they endorse to represent their values and expectations.

If your brand’s sole purpose is to make money, you won’t be attracting this generation. Find how your business can contribute to today’s world, and clearly communicate those to Gen Z. For example, every sale in your store donates to a certain charity. They’ll appreciate that every purchase they make with your brand is helping the world in some way.

2. Promote entrepreneurial values

The generation after millennials grew up during a recession, and they understand that their jobs might not be secure. Some of them would rather start their own business. With the increase in tuition and other school fees, some of them prefer to learn the required skills online.

Since your target audience is interested in running a business, show them how yours works. Show behind-the-scenes photos and videos of how you manage your brand.

3. Focus on meaningful interactions

Gen Z is less concerned with the brand appeal than millennials. Gen Z maintains loyalty only when they have meaningful interactions with the brand.

Cultivate brand loyalty by eagerly interacting with your Gen Z audience. Host competitions, games, and events. Proactively ask for their feedback on designs and points for improvement.

Communicate with Gen Z in a way that’s personal and relatable. They’ll see through old sales tactics and can search online to see if you’re speaking facts. Replace aggressive sales copy with sincere, relatable, and personalized messages.

4. Optimize for mobile devices

Gen Z uses mobile phones to research, track their activities, and buy products. They’ll appreciate it if your brand’s website is optimized for their mobile browsing. Your site must also have a simplified checkout process and relevant content that helps them throughout their buyer’s journey.

5. Create “snackable” content


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Gen Z usually has a short attention span and bounces between multiple screens or tabs. They’ll skip ads on social media and videos if they don’t catch their attention.

Use short-format ads that instantly hook your Gen Z audience. If you’re planning long-form content, make sure that it’s easy to understand and consume.

Gen Z accounts for a considerable percentage of the population. Like the generations before them, they come with their own sets of challenges for any brand. With these tips, you can unlock their purchasing potential and win their loyalty.

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