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The Importance of Improving Your Business’s Customer Bathroom Experience

It may just be a bathroom, but believe it or not, it can affect your business. Many studies show that a bathroom can make or break a customer service experience, and as we all know, customers are the lifeblood of any business. Any bad reviews from a bad experience can surely cost your business.

In this article, you will find out the importance of improving your business’s customer bathroom experience.

What are the common complaints of customers about a business’s bathroom?

There are several things that customers can complain about when they use bathrooms. Those include the odor, slippery floors, lack of tissue and other toilet amenities, dirty surfaces, and broken stalls and dispensers.


A survey was conducted about what people consider a dirty bathroom. 89% of the participants said that it has a lot to do with the smell. A nasty stench is enough to drive your customers away. Therefore, keep in mind that things and places that smell good are more appealing to people, especially to your potential clients.

Slippery floors

Having slippery floors is an indication that your bathroom has not been cleaned up properly. Your floor may even be developing some fungi because of stagnant water or the dirt and residue that were left on it. A slippery floor can also put your customers’ safety at risk.

Lack of tissue and other toilet amenities

If your business’s bathroom cannot provide tissue and other toilet amenities, such as soap and a toilet bidet, then your customer might think that your business is not doing well and does not care about its customers. Having these necessities in your bathroom improves customer experience.

Dirty surfaces

Customers are very keen and speculative. They look at every inch of your facilities. If they find that your bathroom has dirty surfaces, then they will be turned off.

Broken stalls and dispensers

If you have unrepaired stalls and dispensers in your bathroom, then it might become a reason for customers to doubt your business. They might think that you don’t have the means to spend on a simple repair.

How can your bathroom affect the customer’s experience?

There are several ways by which your bathroom can affect your customers’ experience. As mentioned before, it can make or break your relationship with your customer. Hence, you better keep these things in mind the next time you spot-check your business’ bathroom.

The cleanliness of the business’s facilities signifies a clean business’s reputation

Cleanliness is essential for businesses as this is often associated with their reputation. Especially for those who are in the food industry, the expectations are high for cleanliness. The state of your bathroom can become an indicator of how clean the rest of your establishment is. Customers may think that if you can’t keep your bathroom clean, then what else are you not doing to ensure their comfort while staying at your establishment?

Having clean bathrooms has become paramount to delivering the kind of seamless experience that customers expect to get the moment they step through your door. A spotless reputation also means more customers will patronize your business, and that will lead to more profit!

A bad first impression can make you lose a customer

In a 2013 article published in the USA Today, almost 30% of consumers said they would never enter a business establishment again if it had a dirty bathroom. That’s 30% fewer customers, which could significantly affect your profit.

If you have an excellent bathroom, then you can surely start off on the right foot toward a positive relationship with your clients. If not, then they will indeed have a wrong impression about your business that can lead to two things. First, they will never want to go back there again. Second, they will want to warn their friends and family about the lousy facilities you have in your business and how you can’t even clean a bathroom or provide necessities, such as a tissue or a bidet.

Eliminate a bad review that can hinder your business from expanding

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If you have thought about expanding your business reach and opening up branches in different places, then you must avoid getting bad reviews from your customers as much as possible. When you get a negative rating, it will become hard for your marketing to stir things up.

The main reason why people post bad reviews about businesses online is that they had an awful experience in the establishment. It might be from a rude receptionist or a very unpleasant bathroom. They can post reviews of how dirty your bathroom is or how it had no toilet paper at all.

Something to ponder on

A dirty bathroom with poor facilities may put off your customers. They might think that you are not considering their needs and welfare, so why should they patronize your business? If you want to have a successful business, improving your business’s customer bathroom experience is one of the keys to attract and keep your market.

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