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Amusement Park Marketing Strategies Decoded

You probably see fifty theme parks in a region, as against five earlier. The scene has caught on. Theme parks and amusement parks are present in all the corners of the globe today. If you are eager to get into this business, you should know all the ropes of the trade. Look at the brimming tourism market. There are so many segments out there. With so many people traveling, you will surely get significant business from locals and tourists alike.

Although another fun place can snatch all the attention amidst competition, there are myriad ways to promote your park and get a meaty chunk of the amusement park and theme park pie. Try out digital and offline marketing options to make your garden appear on top of all searches.

Read out the various ways here.

Optimize Your Website

The first thing that people do today is a search on the World Wide Web. Google is the most preferred search engine for this purpose. Even if you shout the name of your amusement park from the rooftops, no one is going to remember it. And when you advertise your park in local dailies, do not think that people will start searching with the URL you provide them. To get footfall, you have to optimize your site. You should pay attention to the keywords used to write content on your site. List out your most stunning rides like zip lines and roller coasters, and get your latest indoor shooting range equipment posted on ads. This is a craze at present. Moreover, both teenagers and adults will love this, so you get more adult visitors as well.

Consider posting blogs on various rides and the gun arenas, as well. Not all amusement parks have them, so they can be your star attraction. Choose a theme for your website that is mobile responsive. Most people will likely type “theme park near me online” on the search bar. If you do not optimize your site for these keywords, some other park will get the crowd. Also, see to it that the site is navigable and loads fast. The user will quickly skip yours and visit another responsive site if it does not.

Get Social

Most millennials and their kids are on social media, so you must build a great social media strategy. Online social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are great. This is a free source of publicity. Plan your posts daily, and engage the customers. You can also rope in customers’ testimonials and reviews, apart from posting your content.

Capture the most exciting times your customers have been through, and get them to share the content online, with freebies as gifts. Next time, you can offer them a free ride if they share your posts on their social media pages. Most people do what others are doing, so this will work instantly.

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Think of the Locals

Considering your local geography is essential when you are planning marketing strategies. Ask your local media to cover you. Also, partnering with local ice cream parlors, hotels, and airports is crucial to your business. You can get into tie-ups with hotels and offer customers deals, in which they get free entry to the park, on booking two nights at a particular hotel. You should also capture visitor data by giving them a form to fill online for online bookings.

When the customers book at the counter, you can reveal their mobile numbers and send QR codes instead of plain paper tickets. That way, you can also get their mobile numbers. Nowadays, you can unearth the buying behavior through phones, as most customers browse there instead of desktops and laptops.

Rent Out the Space

You can also offer great deals to people looking to host private events there. There could be birthdays, family reunions, marriages, and corporate trips. Do not limit yourself to one genre. The more you diversify, the more footfalls you will get. Position your theme as an all-around theme park. There should be lots of built-in entertainment and catering options as well. It should be the go-to place for all.

Although children are your initial targets, if you can show the happening side of the place to parents, they will also bring their kids along at a certain time. By allowing events in your premises, you get revenue and avail of partner marketing.

Make It Safe

Today, we are all living with the pandemic. According to scientists, it will be an endemic soon, so all your planning has to be around safety for all. With safety in mind, advertise your sanitation drives and how you cater to the safety requirements of guests by stressing masking and hand sanitization. These will surely help your theme park get the publicity you want.

Consider posting all protocols on the front side of the entry point so that outsiders can also see it.

With the restrictions slowly lifted, normalcy is on the horizon. But until everything returns to normal, these strategies will help you increase your footfall. So try them out and see your business succeed.


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