Must-have Cleaning Tools You Should Keep in Your Car

Getting your own car is a great step forward in terms of having the freedom to travel. You are no longer limited to commuting or walking to work. That restricts you to either being with unruly passengers or getting up early to make up for your travel time. With your own vehicle, you have more control over your schedule. You do not have to account for how long it takes for you to wait for buses or switch trains. You just have to know how heavy the traffic is on the way to work and then maybe add more time for when you search for a parking spot.

Given these benefits, it is understandable for someone to treat their cars with the utmost care. You would want to give it the best accessories you can find. You will always find yourself going into stores that sell the best car stereos or the highest-quality tires.

They say that the car owner’s personality is reflected in how they take care of their vehicle. If you want to show the world how neat and proper you are, you should have these essential car cleaning tools at your disposal.

Portable Vacuum Cleaner

The car is not exactly very spacious. Manufacturers usually use roomy legroom as a sales pitch, but that is as far as it goes when it comes to its capacity. A full-grown adult would not be able to move around inside as a toddler can. But when cleaning time comes, reaching the nooks and crannies can prove to be challenging. You can get away with using brushes and small brooms, but that will take time. You may find yourself in painful and awkward positions trying to reach all of the ends of your interior.

What would be great to use in this instance is a portable vacuum cleaner. Car floors and mats usually use rough or frizzy fabric that easily traps in grain-size components such as dust and bread crumbs. These are tough to brush off, but the suction power of a vacuum will lift them off no problem. It is also easy to clean in tight spaces such as the corners and underneath the seats.

Portable Pressure Washer


Your vehicle goes into a lot of places where it can gather dust and even mud. When it is time to clean it, splashing a pail of water onto it just will not cut it. That will most likely just move the dirt around and still keep it on the surface. If you want to get that washed off, you need water pressure strong enough to push them out quickly.

There are portable pressure washers out there that do just that. But do not go for those really high-pressure ones that are made for pavements, as those could damage your car’s paint. The portability also solves the problem of not being near a water source so that you no longer need to use that lengthy hose anymore.

Air Blower

There are spaces or parts in your car where dust can easily accumulate. You have vents, filters, and small holes all around that could not be cleaned off by washcloths. For these areas of the vehicle, you can use an air blower. This will knock the socks off of those stubborn particles, even the ones that are hard to reach. Air is fluid after all.

A car that is clean is great to drive and ride in. You will be doing yourself and your passengers a great favor by keeping everything tidy. The only problem with this is that they will always ask you for a ride home. So prepare yourself for that, and don’t forget to ask for them to chip in for gas.

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