Resisting the Temptations of Retail Therapy and the Excuses We Tell Ourselves

Sometimes, it’s just so tempting to go on a shopping spree once you’ve received your salary. It’s finally time to buy headphones that are currently on sale and the shoes you’ve been eyeing.

Then, when you finally receive your pay, it’s somehow less. You review the breakdown of deductions laid out on an innocent piece of paper from payroll services and realize there’s a slim chance of purchasing anything for fun. Even then, retail therapy sounds so calming, so you find excuses in the hope of saving money.

Window shopping aka “Thank you, endless scrolling”

Scrolling on your phone can be a bottomless pit. Sometimes, you’ll find the hours fly like minutes. That’s the dangerous magic of smartphones—a magic a lot of people find it difficult to escape from.

For online shoppers, endless scrolling is a blessing since it has become the stay-at-home alternative for window shopping. It’s fascinating how people can derive so much pleasure from looking at items the can’t or won’t buy. Studies have shown that dreaming about owning something makes you happier than actually owning the item. When people get used to the new purchase, they will continue to find more items to want to fill another need. This is called habituation, and our insatiable desire for something new is attributed to this.

So you scroll and scroll and scroll on online eCommerce apps without being aware of how much time has gone. At least, this is the case until you find something irresistible enough to “add to cart”. At the end of the day, it’s a trap because of that one impulse buy.

Massive sales and free stuff

Online shopping apps often hold a monthly sale: 1.1, 2.2, 3.3, and so on, until they reach the 12 mark which is December 12. There are massive discounts, reaching 70% off, not to mention there’s free delivery.

Other apps have a constant rule that when you reach a certain amount, delivery is absolutely free of charge. In fact, 90% of online shoppers buy more products to claim the free shipping option. Consumers also find free shipping a better bargain than discounts.

The goal of these promos is to get you to buy more, and consumers do fall for it. 63% of consumers found themselves buying stuff they don’t need just become of a discount coupon. Because of this, people spend more and go above their budget because of the perception of getting more value at a lower price.

Put the excuses down the drain and try these:

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1. Ask yourself a set of questions

Instead of being driven by the rush of acquiring new things, it pays to take a pause and evaluate the item in your hand. Do you need it? How does it add value to your life? Why should you buy it? If you find that it directly improves the quality of your life, then maybe it’s worth the money.

2. Self-control

Perhaps, it all boils down to this. Having control over your decisions when it comes to money is crucial when you’re trying to save money. Self-control means that you won’t be neglecting other responsibilities and areas in your life that need spending as well. Sometimes, self-control means choosing over the electricity bill or a pair of limited edition shoes.

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