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Starting a Supper Club at Your Own Home

If you like cooking and have the skills to match your passion, why not make a bit of extra money on the side? You can turn your love for cooking into a great money-making opportunity while staying in the convenience of your home by starting a supper club. It’s an old-age practice that’s making its way back to humble homes and aspiring chefs.

Supper clubs are experiencing a comeback thanks to talented home cooks offering more affordable alternatives to fancy meals and unique opportunities for guests to connect authentically.

Whether you have home loans to pay off, want to save for your retirement, or share your love for food—here’s how you can start a supper club at home.

Decide on a Concept

Before you start shopping for groceries for your menu, ask yourself what you can do to make people come and eat at your supper club? Like with anything else, being creative and unique grabs the most attention. You can start by creating a unique set menu of a particular cuisine every time you host a supper club. Doing this allows you to give something new to guests while minimizing food waste and maximizing the budget.

Mix Up Your Guest List

If you’ve just started your supper club, inviting friends and family is a great way to start your business while getting a useful initial reaction. Ask your loved ones what they think needs improvement, then make those adjustments for your next guests, which should preferably be ones you don’t know, to expand your reach. You can promote your supper club on Facebook, Twitter, and the classic word of mouth to reach a new audience.

Price Your Food

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Decide how much you want your food to cost and whether you’re going to spend money on renting tables, linen, and cutlery, or settle for the fine China you have at home. You can also encourage guests to bring their own wine to allow you to spend more on food, ensuring quality meals while saving you from legal issues about selling alcohol without a license.

Go Local

Since you’re going to cook and serve your food at home, why not go all the way and use seasonal local produce, meat, and other ingredients for your meals? Doing this will give your dishes fresher and more vibrant flavors while allowing you to support local vendors in your town or city.

Transform Your Home

Although you can always stick with your regular dining room arrangements, sprucing up your home is a great way to provide a genuine ‘supper club’ vibe. Additionally, it’s best if you wore semi-formal attire to make the setting more professional.

Keep It Genuine and Intimate

Although you’re serving food to paying guests, remember that you don’t need to start cooking like a Michelin chef. It’s best to cook meals you have an emotional connection with. After all, people going to supper clubs usually look for delicious homemade comfort food instead of something complicated and poorly executed.

Having a supper club at home gives you the chance to show off your cooking skills, earn extra money, meet new people, and enjoy a sense of achievement. Besides all that, nothing warms the heart more than seeing people around the table, enjoying your food. Supper clubs are a fun and lucrative way to share your creativity and passion for food and good times.

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