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Top Christmas Traditions to Make the Festive Season Memorable for Children

For adults, the holiday season is usually a cumbersome period when we have to meet with friends and family. The financial burdens and various responsibilities have hardened our hearts to celebrate even the Christmas season. But can you look back to how you see this season when you were a kid? Didn’t you look forward to it from September? Don’t fault your kids for feeling excited. They’re young, innocent, and unencumbered by the world. Instead of showering them with gifts, make the season extra special and memorable by starting traditions in your family.


When do you put up holiday lights at your home in Utah? Most people put up Christmas decorations after Halloween and before Thanksgiving. This is when the festive season unofficially starts for many families. Let your children contribute to decorating the house. Let them choose the designs and put up the tree. Let them hang the mistletoe. They will surely find joy with this task.


If you are part of a religious group who celebrates Christmas, make it a point to go to church for an evening mass. Your kids should feel that they are part of this community. Otherwise, they will never warm up to the idea of following this religion. If you aren’t part of a religious organization, find community activities that the kids can participate in.


Stop ordering fast food and go make your own dishes for Christmas. Find an easy cookie recipe that your kids can enjoy doing with your guidance. This can be the start of a great tradition. Your kids will love the idea of preparing the food for the family and your guests. They may even help set up the table. Of course, teach them how to clean up after the Christmas dinner, too.

Dressing Up

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There’s no better time to dress up than during Christmas. Let your kids pick up the clothes they want to wear for this special event. They will appreciate the thought that they are important enough to attend such an “adult” event. Dressing up will also be good for you. This will make the event go from meh to awesome.


Teach your kids the value of sharing what they have during this season. Christmas is all about giving. Go to your favorite charity. But this time, take the kids with you. Show them how important it is to do good and pay the blessings they have received forward. At home, ask everyone to share what they are most grateful for this year. Make your children share their thoughts, too.


Make it a point to gather the family together during this season. Call the older kids at college and ask them to come home. They should be with family during Christmas. As young as your kids are, they should learn the value of family and togetherness. They will look forward to this tradition when they are old and gray.

The best thing about starting traditions when your kids are still young is that they can bring these moments when they grow up and build their own families. They will pass these same traditions to their kids. Soon, generations upon generations of your family tree will enjoy the same things you started.

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