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Being Nurtured With Nature: What It Means to Live Near the Woods

The quality of life of a homeowner can depend on the environment that surrounds their home. This is why home shoppers are meticulous when it comes to choosing their new homes. Some homeowners choose to live in urban areas, where all their needs are centralized, while others prioritize space and quiet and choose to live in less crowded locations. Our area ultimately affects our way of life.

Despite the range of choices, some homeowners choose to live near heavily wooded areas. There are about 1.6 billion people who live within five kilometers of a forest. This option may be appealing to nature lovers who prefer to see the refreshing sights of trees and vegetation. While it may seem beneficial at first sight, several other implications may arise when living near woodland.

Let’s take a look at what it may be like to live in these areas.

Closer to Nature

Wooded areas offer a unique experience that city-dwellers rarely have. These areas allow people in the locality better access to nature and its elements. This proximity to nature can pose several benefits to those who dwell in wooded areas.

For one, being exposed to nature is highly beneficial for our mental health. Exposure to nature can help relieve our stress. This is perfect for those who are frequently stressed about their daily activities. People who live near natural elements may be at a lower risk of succumbing to the effects of too much stress.

Nature has also been seen to reduce the risk of developing mental issues such as anxiety and depression. Apart from that, our cognitive abilities can also benefit from nature, as it has been observed to improve our attention. All these ensure good mental health for those who often experience the wonders of nature.

Of course, not everything about nature is friendly. These elements can still be dangerous to inhabitants nearby. And if we’re not careful, we might just fall victims to nature’s perils.

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Abundant Wildlife

Homeowners should take note that these woods can be infested with dangerous animals. These animals can sometimes find their way into neighborhoods. Others can even make their way onto backyards and residential streets.

This can be too much to handle for homeowners who live near forests and wooded areas. Of course, it’s hard to blame them for occasionally straying around human habitats. It can be hard to avoid since these forests are their entire habitat.

With that, homeowners should always prepare in case a wild animal gets on their property. They can also install composite wood fencing around their yards. This can help keep animals from lurking in yards. If this does happen, it’s always best to contact animal control services immediately.

The Power of Trees

The main feature of these wooded areas is the abundance of trees. The presence of these clusters of trees helps with the air quality of the surrounding area. This is because trees help absorb pollutants and catch particles in the air. Better air quality can mean a healthier body for those who live in the locality since they are breathing in cleaner air.

Trees can also cool their surroundings in many ways. These trees provide shade that can help people escape the heat of the sun. This shade can protect not only people but also the houses that we live in. Trees can also cool the surrounding air through transpiration cooling. These cooling abilities can lessen the stress on a house’s HVAC system, which can help save costs on energy consumption.

But again, these trees can become a threat. It is always possible that these trees can fall over. Some trees can be old, or the soil may be of poor quality. These can cause trees and branches to fall.  Strong winds during storms can also cause branches to break and fall. If winds become too strong, they can uproot an entire tree. These dangers come with choosing to live near wooded areas.

This can become deadly, especially for massive trees. They can land on houses and other structures. These trees can even cause injuries if it lands on a person. With that, homeowners should always assess this risk before buying a property near wooded areas. They can also prune trees to help them grow stronger and reduce the risk of uncontrolled breakage.

Living in the woods has good perks for the average homeowner. But it also brings several dangers that can be complicated to deal with. With that, the practicality of living near these areas is up to the priorities and preferences of the homeowner. At the end of the day, it’s all about living a comfortable and safe life.

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