How to Know If a Candidate Fits the Job Post

Learning the art of hiring can take years to learn. And each time you run a search for a particular client, you get to learn about the craft even more.

When most interviewers sit down with a potential candidate, they can get a rough assessment of the candidate’s potential and if they’re a good fit for the position. It’s not because they’re smarter than them. It has to do with the years of experiences that they have with reading people. But for someone new with recruitment, how do you make sure that you get the right person for the job?

Provide pre-employment judgment tests

Assessing if a candidate will fit the company’s culture isn’t an easy feat. The Balance Careers says that there are many cases where the hiring process can feel a bit biased based on the applicant’s gender and nationality. That’s why several companies these days use pre-employment situational tests to gauge the applicant’s ability to fit in. Doing assessments such as online pre-employment skills testing┬áis an excellent way to assess a candidate’s interpersonal and decision-making skills.

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Check their previous work employment

Although education plays a significant role in a candidate’s success, work experience is still a fundamental basis for getting hired. However, it’s important to remember that their previous performance doesn’t automatically equate to their success. That’s why Forbes says to ask the applicants about an experience when they failed at something and what they learned from it. Hearing their narrative can help you better understand the behavior they display during times of adversity and if they took responsibility for it.

See if they’re a team player

Not everyone wants to become a leader. Some prefer to follow instead of leading others. Although there’s nothing wrong with this kind of behavior, having innate soft skills can play a crucial role in becoming an irreplaceable team member.

When interviewing candidates, it’s essential to find someone who truly enjoys helping others find solutions to their problems. It’s a crucial behavior, especially when you’re working for a tech startup. Most recruiters often make the mistake of hiring people solely because of their output instead of their ability to become a team player. While it’s true that providing results is crucial, it’s also equally important to hire people who value helping others.

Review their references

If you still feel uncertain about a candidate’s ability to fit the role, the next step that you need to take is to review their character reference. Doing so will give you a better idea about the candidate’s performance in his previous work. However, you need to ensure that you form the right set of questions before getting in touch with them. Ask for things that will help you assess their skills required to perform the role.

The more that a candidate can share their own experience with honesty, the easier it is to assess if they fit the role or not. Try to seek candidates who can do well with the company’s culture. Although having the technical skills are crucial with the job role, it’s also essential to make sure that the candidate can adapt to the organization well.

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