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In the HR Department: Streamlining the Recruitment Process

When you were first building your company, the idea of finding people who could bring your visions for the business to life was exciting. You might have spent hours creating advertising materials about your job openings and anticipated the resumes entering your email.

Then came the task of screening applicants and shortlisting candidates before scheduling the interviews. This entire process can be an exhilarating time for you, but the thrill doesn’t last for too long before it becomes a time-consuming task, especially if you can be using your time to focus on more important functions.

Instead of relying on traditional means of hiring potential candidates, you can take advantage of technology and use web-based recruitment software. These platforms can be highly beneficial to your business and provide you with an opportunity to streamline your processes.

Target Better Qualifying Candidates

With good software, you can design a targeted hiring channel that can attract the right audience and potential candidates for your business. You can have an easier time engaging and building trust with the people who can bring your visions to life.

Simply posting your openings on unreliable job portal websites might be counterproductive because it attracts all kinds of people — both qualified and unqualified for your standards. Screening the applicants takes the most time because your hiring managers need to sift through all the resumes and portfolios.

But if you reduce the possibility of attracting underqualified applicants through the software, you will be freeing up a lot of time that would otherwise be consumed by sifting through applications. This is the initial step to streamlining your hiring processes.

Access the Platform Remotely

One of the most innovative aspects of using hiring software is that you can access it through your mobile device anytime and anywhere. This means that you can view the status of your applicants and their current progress in the hiring process even when you’re out of the office.

This is perfect if you want to remain hands-on with the recruitment but don’t have the time or resources to be there in person. That’s why you have hiring managers in the first place. The accessibility of your new hiring platform will give you the flexibility to oversee your processes even if you’re physically unavailable.

In addition to that, all the data regarding the hiring and recruitment process will be collated into a single central system instead of scattered on different spreadsheets. This will make it easier to access data so that you won’t be hassled if and when you need it.

Track Candidate Progress

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Staying on top of the recruitment process can be difficult if you have to keep asking for updates from your hiring managers. And even if they can provide you with constant updates, the time it would take for the information to be relayed can be time spent on other tasks.

Using software that acts as a central system where all the data can be accessed, you can easily track the candidates’ progress throughout the hiring process. This can include their progress from the initial screenings up until their final interviews.

This can also be a good way to encourage your existing employees for referrals. They can easily add their referrals onto the platform, view their referrals’ initial results, and track where they are in the recruitment process. Your employees will also be able to view any feedback given for transparency.

Schedule Interviews Efficiently

Manual scheduling of interviews can be highly time-consuming because applicants will have to double-check their availability before confirming the time. This is traditionally done over time-intensive phone calls or back-and-forth emails that can be easily automated to streamline the process.

For instance, you can rely on the hiring platform’s technology to automate your interview scheduling and relieve your hiring managers from needing to confirm the schedules manually. Doing so can also eliminate the possibility of human errors such as double-booking interviews and overlapping times.

Using an automated scheduler can also enhance the experience of your potential candidates because they can play a part in choosing their interview schedule. This innovation can give your applicants the convenience and flexibility they need not be troubled when fitting the interview into their existing schedules.

Just because the methods you are using for your business works doesn’t mean they can’t be improved or innovated with technology. The point of innovation is to continuously improve existing processes and methods, which is an important aspect of making your business thrive in the industry. So take the time to consider what you can incorporate to better your operations.

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