Day: October 26, 2020

suburban village

From City to Suburb: Why are Americans Moving?

The big cities have lost their draw and more Americans — especially millennials — now prefer to live in homes in quieter suburbs. The urban exodus has been happening over the past years — but what makes the suburbs more attractive than the city? Costs Urban centers are notoriously expensive — particularly New York, San

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Strategies to Keep Your Finances in Order as a Freelance Business

Freelancing offers an alluring promise of work-life balance since you can manage your own time. You don’t have to follow a strict 9-to-5 schedule. You also get to work from home or anywhere you want, instead of going to the office This promise is especially tempting these past few months. The pandemic has driven more

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Effective Ways to Promote Your Business for Free

If you’re considering establishing a startup business, you’ll need to create a ‘brand’ surrounding your business’s beliefs and translate that into one unique, eye-catching logo. Branding is essential because it leaves a memorable impression on consumers and allows them to see what they can expect from your business. It’s a way of separating yourself from

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