Day: September 10, 2021

If You’re An Entrepreneur, You Need to Know These 5 Money Myths

Are you experiencing financial troubles in your business lately? Well, you are not the only one. A lot of companies, particularly start-ups, find that handling their finances is trickier than they expected. Their budgets don’t work–if they have one at all–and there’s never enough money to keep operations going without some kind of compromise. If

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Budget Your Way to Success With These Management Techniques

No matter the purpose, handling money is a challenge, but it’s even more so when it comes to business because it is such a huge and risky investment. Unlike personal finances, mishandling business money is harder to recover from, so entrepreneurs must manage it with utmost care. You must consider the funds you have and

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Why the Pandemic Is a Perfect Time to Start a Business

They say the pandemic is the worst time to start a business, but history tells otherwise. In fact, the most successful companies today started during one of the worst periods. For example, IBM, Disney, and General Motors started before the Great Depression, while the Dot-com bubble gave rise to Amazon, eBay, and Google. There’s also

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